Starting point: another European Project!

After searching  our identity through names, two European Countries designed a new project in which we tried to draw the identity profile of primary children.
But, how to talk to pupils about identity? We must consider that our students are 9 years old so we had to design appropiate activities for them.

Attending that we have our own identity because of different influences along our life, it is very important for everyone to understand that those influences and differences should be understood and appreciated. In fact, they will draw our identity profile.
This diversity comes from the many cultures that are in a common classroom and also around us. Even in one culture we find many diversities – different family backgrounds, different abilities of individual people, different appearance etc. 

Furthermore, working on this project allowed children to know more information not only from their mates but also from children in another European Country. So, they learnt how to respect and admire different cultures. They tried to find out that differences are here to enrich our lives, to be appreciated and not to divide us.

Finally, this project fostered new ideas to respect and appreciate diversity in the classroom and in the host Country. One of the main aims of this project was to increase awareness and help children to become more open-minded to differences.